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The following is a list of short snippets of just a few of the songs FOX plays. They are each approximately 60 seconds or less and were recorded playing Live. Full versions will be available in the future. Both MP3 versions and WMA are available below so you can take your choice depending on the format you would like. Just click on either MP3 or WMA to the right of the song to get the version you want.

Pinnball Wizard (The Who) MP3 WMA Ridin' the Storm Out (REO Speedwagon) MP3 WMA
Just Want to Make Luv (Foghat) MP3 WMA Jet Airliner 9 (Steve Miller) MP3 WMA
30 Days in The Hole ( Humble Pie) MP3 WMA Give Me Some Luvin' (Spencer Davis) MP3 WMA
Keep On Rockin Me Baby (Steve Miller) MP3 WMA Black Magic Woman (Santana) MP3 WMA
Brown Sugar (The Stones) MP3 WMA All Right Now (Free) MP3 WMA
On The Boulevard (Jackson Brown) MP3 WMA Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits) MP3 WMA
Bitch (The Stones) MP3 WMA Whiter Shade of Pale (Procol Harum) MP3 WMA
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In February 2006, Fox, along with friends and family, went to Memphis for 3 days and recorded 8 songs in two all night sessions at the world famous Sun Studio. What an amazing place! The studio is virtually unchanged, other than recording equipment upgrades, from what it looked like in the 1950's when you could find Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and so many other founding fathers of Rock and Roll laying down their first recorded tracks, and more or less inventing Rock and Roll. Here are those recordings. For more information about the Memphis sessions and pics of the trip visit the Memphis page by clicking here.

These are full songs only in MP3 format currently

Waitin' On You (Dave Mason) MP3 WMA Love Shakin Lady (Mark Sloan) MP3 WMA
Heavy Duty Woman (George Brenn) MP3 WMA Gotta Get Out of This Place (Eric Burden) MP3 WMA
Look At What You've Got (Gerry Bishop) MP3 WMA Nuthin' I Won't Do (Foghat) MP3 WMA
Some Things Never Change (Mark Sloan) MP3 WMA Juke Box (Gerry Bishop) MP3 WMA
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